Mike Zettinig | About
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Hello, I am Mike Zettinig, a 3D Artist. I chose to do this as a career because of the enjoyment of creating new things and troubleshooting to see final results.

I Graduated back in Nov 2013 with a BS in Computer Animation. I concentrated in Visual Effects, but studied each step of the production pipeline. Since Graduation I found myself becoming more of a 3D Generalist. I fill my free time up by working on personal projects and freelance work. I find my stronger skills are in concept design, modeling, texture and lighting, animation, VFX, compositing, & editing.

My interest in art started with my traditional art skills and realized the future is in CG. I have an above average understanding of Maya for a 3D software, but I can grasp onto any other 3D package as needed. Although I have a strong knowledge in Nuke, I have been working a lot with After Effects, it is more economical for me and it is a strong tool. I use Final Cut Pro X for my post and edit work, but I have been learning Adobe Premier and Autodesk Smoke.

Please take some time to check out my experience

How I Spend My Time

  • Charity

  • Freelance

  • Educating Myself

I’m Married!

My Hobbies

  • Costume Creation
  • Bowling
  • Grilling
  • Video Games